[Latest] Living Skyrim v4.1.0

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[Latest] Living Skyrim v4.1.0

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⚠️ Important Reminder: A new character/save is required for this update!

We fixed a bunch of bugs, updated a bunch of mods, and added a whole slew of new mods including things like Photo Mode, JK's Windhelm Outskirts, Take A Peek, the rest of the voiceline expansions from jayserpa, Ancient Land, and more. We did have to remove a couple of mods that were underperforming: Helgen Reborn and Resistances Rescaled.

We've also completely overhauled the loot system by switching from SkyRem LORA to Open World Loot.

The biggest news though is that I believe I have fixed the stuttering that some people were reporting in exteriors. Let me know if the landscape mod replacement helps.

We've also added two sets of mods that I think people will be really excited for: Sunhelm Survival, which can be optionally enabled via MCM if you want survival mechanics, and two mods that can be optionally enabled in MO2 to support controller users - Classic Sprinting Redone and The Ultimate Control Scheme, with custom tweaks by GravenImages so big shoutout to them.

Also a huge shoutout to Hajo for helping squash the bugs for this update.
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